Life Lesson Excerpts

life-lesson I was invited by The Chicago Perch (the publishers of my book) to present a Life Study at the Smart Museum in Chicago on Saturday, April 4th. In typically wonderful Perch fashion, I was given complete autonomy with regard to how to field this opportunity. I could talk about anything I wanted, and if possible, I should interact with the audience in a way that would disrupt the conventional lecture format.

I decided to use Wind Through Quiet Tensions as a loose structure for a guided conversation about mental health, creativity, intelligence, and stability. At various points we stopped talking and engaged in some gentle yoga practices. Many of those in attendance are good friends of mine. Others were people I had not met before. We had a stimulating and ranging discussion, at times rather intense and intimate. Here are a few excerpts.

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Upcoming Life Studies

There are several more Life Study events coming up -- check out the calendar. They're all at The Smart Museum and all are free to attend.