Householder: new work at Sofa King


New Drawings at SOFA KING

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 15th, 7pm–10pm

About the show:

Householder, my exhibition of new works on paper and paintings at Sofa King, covers a wide spectrum of visual inquiry, allowing the cultural language of pleasantness to unravel through the influence of emotional upheaval, intellectual resistance, and the slow force of indeterminate observation.

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 15th, 7pm–10pm

Open by appointment through January 17th.

3216 S. Morgan St. Apt 4R
Chicago, IL, 60608

Christopher Smith, SOFA KING Curator

Some of the drawings you’ll see:

Purchasing the work:

Adam Grossi and SOFA KING are implementing a pricing system designed to make the buyer an active participant in determining a fair market value for the artwork. Each drawing has a number of hours associated with it that represents the amount of time Adam spent making it. To purchase a drawing, the buyer will declare the hourly wage that he/she feels is an appropriate compromise between their personal economic situation and gainful employment for the artist ($15/hour is the minimum wage). The resulting dollar amount, plus a $15 materials fee, a $25 gallery fee, and $1/month conceptual gestation fee will be added, and that sum, plus 9.75% Chicago sales tax, will result in the price of the work.